You know what’s scary/wonderful? I am perfectly okay with where I am right now. I’m exactly where I want to be.
I love being me.

She Sings Of Love

The moon winks at me on the highway
I drive and I think about the many ways
You held me in the night
You seemed to hold me just right
But I can’t be vapid or coarse
I just can’t decide—
Am I pressed for love,
Or am I pressed for time?
I eat and I eat
And I feel no soul to feed
It buries within me
The heart that I’ve somehow sold
I’ll find it again
I’m resilient, you’ll see
So many doubt me
But my love will flow freely
I’m wiser than you know
I’ll make sure that you show
The interest you promised me
The warmth that was given me
In the thick of the night
With bombs crashing all around
You said to write about it
And I’m trying, I’m dying
I’m making a difference
I’m making a change.
Don’t I get a chance?
When exactly does luck change?
Love is an obsession
It’s a solution to an equation
That no man even dares
Or prepares to understand
We are a world of things
Possessions that “should” be ours
What right do we have?
When was anything ours?
I’ll go to her grave
And take time to reflect
Take time to recollect
A tiny piece of my soul
You tried to steal it
You tried to call me “mine”
But that’s just not my name
Did you ever know my name?
He remembers my name
He remembers me as shy
Shy and singing
Be mine, I said, be mine
Old Hollywood
That’s not the first time
I’ve heard it before
But I loved it, just the same
I have so much hope.
Sometimes I wish it would die
But that’s how You made me
And I’ll never let it die.
At the end of all times
I’ll still be here
Speaking my loud opinions
For whoever breathes a sigh
Argue your way through
That’s the direction I take
And it’s served me so well
I’ve somehow survived this hell
I love to tell you how I feel
I love to hear you disagree
I love to hear you laugh
And smile extraordinarily
As if in disbelief
“Did she really just say those things?”
Bumps on the road are so loud
I am shy, but I sing.
Fog, it clears my mind
Vaporizes my time
And makes me rewind
To a time when days seemed endless
I put my lips to electric
To a tiny piece of plastic
Oh how it tastes like food
Like mint and wine
I’m going to sit in my car
And listen to one more song
Because music is my constant
It eliminates my discord
My temptation to cease caring
My lure to the least bit of resistance
Wake up early, greet the sun
With sunglasses and sweat
And just a little bit of smoke
And another piece of soul.


Quite possibly the best couple in history.

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Pictures I send my friends when I’m bored because I know they’ll always love me forever and stuff 😍😁

I may have never said never, but I did say ever. And you did ruin every chance you ever even had. I don’t know why I give you the time of day sometimes, or why I still hang on to him. In all honestly, it’s you that I should still be hanging onto because you’re the only successful relationship I ever had…

But he and I had such passion that you and I never even touched on. I’m sorry for the ellipsis. I’m not sure where this all is coming from. Just early morning thoughts about my love-triangle-life. Good Morning

bubble bath

there’s nothing that I love more in this world than bathing. it’s always been funny to me that cold water dissolves bubbles, but hot water makes them multiply.

"The story of an uncommonly gentle man."

Edward Scissorhands (1990) (x)

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That moment when you know your day is going to suck


I think I see forever in your eyes
Lots of waiting and lots of lies
A forever of “Almost”
And “Okay, I think now’s the time”

I sit and I watch
And I wait and I wonder
I want to make mine
To have my own time

I see so much disappointment
So much annoyance and fear
I want to be more than this person.
I don’t want to stay here.

I feel this haunting tug
Everything reminds me of it
The thing that hurts so much
Is my fondest memory

Bare feet in the grass
Trucks in beds of white
Mosquitos in the air
I’m the only one they bite

You loved me once
You loved my voice and my song
And then you said you didn’t know me
How did it all go so wrong?

We were that couple
The one that people crave
The passion that people dream of
Is part of an unmarked grave.


I didn’t just text him.
I didn’t just indulge him by acknowledging that I give a shit what he thinks about me.
That didn’t just happen


He seemed to really see me, see through the bullshit. He said very few words and couldn’t keep eye contact. He was so handsome and he could dance. I thought, ‘He won’t be interested in me; I’m not a contender.’

She’s so beautiful.

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Someone give this man a medal

I love that it’s not being possessive of her but just him caring about her not getting hurt, no matter who she loves

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